Registered Company Address?

Protect your private or home address with our prestige registered address service.

Alongside forwarding your post to any address in the United Kingdom with our mail provision, we can help you meet your legal obligations while using a reliable, accurate and secure process to keep your business running smoothly.

Contractor Accounts can offer a prestigious Edinburgh business postcode with all your official government mail forwarded to you. This can reduce the hassle when you are unable to gain access to a suitable alternative address, or if you would simply like to keep a fixed address without needing to update Companies House each time you move.

We will accept delivery of all your official mail and house your legislative documents as required by UK law, also offering facilities for public inspection upon a given request.

Company Formations Made Simple

All applications are delivered to Companies House electronically so no paperwork or signatures is required for incorporation.

  • Simple Registration Process.
  • 3 Hour Formation.
  • Lifetime Customer Support.
  • No Hidden Fees.

If you do not already have a company, please use the NEW to Contracting form to register your company first.

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