Accountancy Packages for Contractors, Freelancers & Locums

Working with contractors throughout Europe we understand that every contractor’s requirements and situation can differ.

With specialist knowledge in various industry sectors our fully compliant solutions allow you to maximise your take home pay as a contractor.

At Contractor Accounts we endeavor to ensure that you have a full understanding of each solution and the implications to your situation. This can help you analyse the solution which best fits your particular circumstances.

What we can do for you?

Many accountants do offer services to their contracting clients, but at Contractor Accounts, we use our extensive knowledge of the contracting sector to offer a bit more than most.

With our pedigree in the contracting market, in both the UK and throughout Europe, our aim is to make life easier for our clients. We work to continuously ensure that our clients retain the highest amounts of post tax income under current UK legislation.

With an extensive range of accountants & consultants, many of whom are specialists in their particular field, we have now tailored a number of our accountancy packages for specific industry sectors.

Joining Contractor Accounts

At Contractor Accounts, we are used to working with contractors, freelancers & locums. We are specialist accountants helping contractors transition into the contracting business smoothly.

  • Professional and accurate accounting advice when you need it from qualified accountants.
  • Our accountants specialise in dealing with freelancers, contractors and small businesses.
  • Guidance on issues affecting our clients (such as IR35 or R&D tax credits).
  • Year End accountancy reviews, help with your Self Assessment.
  • Tax & VAT Enquiries & dealing with HMRC on your behalf.
  • IR35 Contract Reviews?
  • Your dedicated account manager.

No appointments necessary! Advice in plain English! our accountants will fit around you and your business.

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