Human Resource Contractors

Contractor Accounts have supported abundant numbers of individuals within the human resource sector, through all parts of their business life cycles, from their first contract of work to contractor status and onto management of teams, offices and fully functioning legalities.

We have supported contractors within the HR iIdustry for countless years now and proudly offer a fully customisable service that can be tailored to your exact circumstances, maximising your wealth and helping you to grow.

"We allow you to focus on the important things in your day-to-day running, as we take care of your accounts and administrative headaches."

The team at Contractor Accounts have long supported contractors working in Human Resources, offering a comprehensive set of accountancy services that can be fully customised to your exact specification and situation. We also provide real-world advice from our internal experience of over 15 years.

The Contractor Accounts team can offer an intricate industry perspective, with our internal advisors experienced at senior levels holding over 25 years experience. All our services are offered tailored to work with your individual situation and circumstances.

Joining Contractor Accounts

At Contractor Accounts, we are used to working with contractors, freelancers & locums. We are specialist accountants helping contractors transition into the contracting business smoothly.

  • Professional and accurate accounting advice when you need it from qualified accountants.
  • Our accountants specialise in dealing with freelancers, contractors and small businesses.
  • Guidance on issues affecting our clients (such as IR35 or R&D tax credits).
  • Year End accountancy reviews, help with your Self Assessment.
  • Tax & VAT Enquiries & dealing with HMRC on your behalf.
  • IR35 Contract Reviews?
  • Your dedicated account manager.

No appointments necessary! Advice in plain English! our accountants will fit around you and your business.

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